AirProbe Solution

AirProbe aerial thermographic inspection forms an end to end solution in maximizing generation of Solar PV assets. Outcome of the inspection enables the site technicians to resolve inefficiencies impacting the energy generation and as preventive maintenance for electrical and fire safety. Module/ string level electrical characteristics (IV Tracing) or On site Electroluminescense (EL) Testing is also offered on request.

'Aerial Thermography for solar PV is not only about thermal scanning of the plant but also comprehensive field valildation and data analysis to pin point different types of faults and provide insights over condition of modules and BOS components'

- Dr. Gopal Krishnamurthy, PhD IISc 1975, Pioneer in Solar Wafer Tech, AirProbe Adviser

Request for AirProbe demonstration 

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AirProbe - a stethescope for Solar PV plants

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